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A comic book series for Everyone.
An indie comic book series That is out of this world
Book four Our heroes find a crazy old Pyramid priest named Judas, Brenner asks Him many questions of who he is and what he must do as The Pharaoh of Time. Then The three Knights Must once again travel into the past to find those answers, but what they find is an ancient god Waiting to take them to the underworld.
Book six Our heroes return from the ancient past, with a few unwanted guests. Now Trouble comes from a some of their own as one is taken into custody and another goes on a personal quest to save a past love.
Book Six (touch red box)
Book two A Pyramid Knight Named Brenner, Finds himself on another World in another time. Where he must do Battle to save the Enemies of his ancient Ancestors against A hideous creature.
Gary henderson Creator
I am a comic book creator, writer, and Artist, please support Indie Comics.
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The Pyramid Knights
Book one The Last Living Pyramid Has been breached by possible Pyramid Terrorists. Now It’s up to The Pyramid Knights To find them and bring them to justice.
By GaryHenderson
Action, adventure, Sci Fi, mystery, and time travel Feed your imagination with comics
Book Four (touch red box)
Book three Sheba and Cabby are caught in a dreaded battle with the Pyramid Terrorists, it’s a battle they cannot Win. Meanwhile, their friend Brenner, returns from the ancient past with a new identity and some much Needed help from an Ancient sword.
Book five The Pharaoh of Time Is summoned by the Queen of Karnak. Then he and his friends must face the Monsters of Anubis along with the help of some familiar Friends .